Andre thanks:- God, my family, all of the members of Republic of Loose, Audio TechnicaPro Mark drumsticksEvans drumheadsSabian cymbals and DW drums.

Darach thanks:- My family, Daniel Benjamin Marcus for his exquisite musicianship and taste, Saul Marcus, all of the members of Republic of Loose, Porchlight studios Dublin, Dave Ellsworth in Connecticut, USA for his support, friendship, beautiful instruments and amplifiers, Robson Rocha, Robika Grieg for his wonderful amplifier, John Moriarty at archtop, Owen at Some Neck guitarsBareknuckle pickups UKFurch guitarsFender guitarsD’addarioPlanet Waves and T.C. Electronic.

Technical support:- This recording could not have been made without the support of the following:- Tara McCormack, all of the members of Republic of Loose, Kevin Whyte, Joel Kerr and Gene Paul at G&J AudioMusicmaker Dublin, and Lynette McCullough at www.Keynotemusic.ie
It’s been a privilege to have Joel Kerr, Gene Paul and Kevin Whyte work on this music. Thanks for their patience and grace.